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How to get garden landscape idea’s and tips Fast!

If you have been wondering how to get great garden landscape idea’s? You will leave this page with knowledgeable information on how basic garden tips and low maintenance landscape idea’s for your home. Please read on.

Plant health and there survival is everything to creating a beautiful garden with health blossoms year after year. Through our blogs we will go in depth about what you will need to do to insure your gardens health to stay strong with helpful pointers.

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Things to know

Plants are like us. Nutrients is key to there survival. But what nutrients do plants need? Most plants need a basic of three things to survive and thrive. There is more but with going to just go over the main three. First key nutrient is call nitrogen. Nitrogen is the first, to some degree the major nutrient needed for vigorous growth, dark green leaf color and for photosynthesis. Below is a example of a plant that is deficient in nitrogen. Your will notice right away the color difference in the leaves or even in your grass. They will have a light yellowish tint when low in nitrogen.

nitrogen deficiency

Health and development.

Let cover the other nutrients needed for plant health and development. So what is Phosphorous? Phosphorus is largely used for root growth structure and the development of plant health. Flowers that are feed with phosphorous which will have more blooms, and fruits ripen better and faster. Phosphorous is a key partner in create and helping new plant growth for bulbs as well as perennials. Plants lacking phosphorous, as example picture below show deficiency starting. Every pick up a fertilizer bag at your local nursery and wondered what the “N” “P” “P” meant? The “N” Stands for Nitrogen. The “P” in the middle stands for Phosphorus and the “P” at the end stands for Potassium.

Potassium is a general nutrient for all plants. But plants lacking potassium will have a light yellow color around the leaves. This is a good sign your plant is lacking potassium.

Improving the overall health and strength is a key role of the plant life. Potassium is key to plant survival under extreme temperature stress under drought conditions. If your tomato plants are lacking potassium they will have a yellow color around the edges.

Low-Maintenance Plants | Ideas

We all love a beautiful garden landscape ideas, that provides great curb appeal. But who wants to have the heavy burden punning and extra weeding? We have some great low-cost and helpful ideas to transform your

simple flower beds into some eye catching curb appeal concepts. Most people think you have to have flowers after flowers just to get a beautiful display. We our going to debunk that theory with few tips we use daily!

The most common questions asked?

The number one question we get asked all the time is. Can we have a nice flower bed without all the weeding and maintenance that comes with it? The simple is yes. But remember all plants are going to still need care to different levels. Here are some top flowers and shrubs that can give your house aesthetic appeal with out all the hassles. Below is a sample of a low-maintenance. Below is a flower accent island with a few lilies and with nice brown mulch to give it a little pop.

Lilies not only give you that nice color but also leaves a clean accent between the mulch. How about some hydrangea’s or some Hostas.

Hydrangeas not only come in a variety of colors but very low on the maintenance. These are a sun loving/ partly shaded area plant but give off beautiful flower through early to mid summer.

A lite pruning in the early fall will keep stem shoots small and give fresh blossoms for the following year.

Assortment of Hostas and Tulips

Hostas are a shade loving plant and very resilient. Great for those areas for light ground cover and just a pinch of some color! These are just to name a few.

Seas grass or ornamental grasses are becoming the talk of the town. With ability to grow in almost any soil condition and with a high drought resistances.

We have list a few of New England’s common and top picks for low-maintenance flowers. We like to thank your for the read. If would like to receive a free quote for your lawn care projects feel free to reach us direct at (203)690-2883 or use our online request form. Thanks You again.

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